Taper-Tite ®

 Pipe size: 2″-12″ diameters, 20′ or 19’ nominal length

                         Options 1” – 16” diameters
Temperature range: 35ºF to 225ºF
Max. operating pressure: 150psi
Carrier: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
Insulation: Polyurethane foam  
Casing: Heavy wall PVC (PIP80, 80lbs)
               Options: PVC Industry standard (PIP22, 22lbs)



Taper-Tite is a highly proven tapered and bonded FRP piping system featuring high flow, corrosion free service for low temperature hot water, dual temperature, or chilled water service. Taper -Tite meets Federal Guide Specifications for hot and chilled water systems.  Taper-Tite is a lightweight, easy to install, energy efficient quality piping system. The carrier pipe is filament wound epoxy pipe with a resin rich liner. The system is produced with matching tapers on bell and spigot ends. Insulation is a thermally efficient polyurethane foam with a ‘K’ factor of 0.16 at 70ºF. The heavy wall PVC casing and heat resistant end seals prevent ground water infiltration. 

Expansion loops and devices are not necessary since thermal expansion and contraction is absorbed by the FRP pipe. The piping system is non-corrosive and maintains very high flow rate characteristics. It is an excellent choice for underground district heating, dual temperature lines, and geothermal heating systems.

Fittings are un-insulated FRP designed to be used with the carrier pipe. Fittings have a bell to match the tapered spigot end of the pipe. The pipe fittings are joined with adhesive and may require heat curing. A complete line of fittings are available for the Taper-Tite system

                                                  Taper-Tite ® Joint


The Taper-Tite pipe is joined using adhesive. Pipe joints are insulated using polyurethane shells, casing-tite (PVC) sleeve and 30mil High Temperature tape.